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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it is popular bay area bakery chain and is making a fortune assemblies are getting shortchanged what cbs five undercover that has the city investigating. the drastic punishment bay area homeowners face if they don't pay their garbage go. high-school graduation speech getting national attention by people aren't complaining because the valedictorian chose to deliver a message to his parents. communalism cup team is off tonight to lob -- got national attention a couple of weeks ago when starbucks announced it was buying of the popular bay area bakery chain for $100 million. but snags the city of san
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francisco's on the verge of launching investigation. after an police told us they aren't getting the benefits the desert. with this story as the only on cbs five. and nice afternoon with a coffee and the stricter neighborhood cafe it is the kind of experiences local restaurant chain is going for. and while patrons may have few complaints the people working behind the counter aren't so happy. it's the sense that it's no longer about the image was more about the money. according to this former store manager who didn't want to be identified the did not take steps to assure eligible store employees got health benefits required by san francisco lot. did waves san francisco requires companies with more than 20 employees worldwide to provide health benefits to anyone who works eight hours more per week according to city records
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they're also known as bay bread has not file the required paperwork dealing hut complies with a lot. the agency charged with enforcing the city's health-care ordinance. and ordnance that must be posted on every business informing employees of their rights under the law. the notice looks like there's an employee's we spoke to say they never saw one. and employees say it's troubling that the company would diskette disregard their healthcare needs as well as the law says her agency plans to launch a full investigation. to investigate the complaint to keep the claims that the disease confidential and we will remedy the situation will make sure that the employer comes into compliance with the law. after the call bob lodge the company did submit this form to the city which claims it has set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars for employee health care. but not $1 last year was
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reimbursed employees. under the law companies can recoup all unclaimed funds after two years giving businesses a little incentive to make employees aware of their right to the money declined requests for in the interview in his statement they say they abide by all set san francisco was including health care security organs days they admit there has been an awareness gap and plans to notify employees of their benefits and retraining managers was may be good news for workers in their stores. the company cares about its canadian customers. what upsets the people because that's the major thing cbs five. the lot loris says it does provide traditional health insurance for its full-time employees and the folks at
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starbucks say that the company will extend its full benefits package to block the launch employees once the acquisition is final but the city could find them if it discovers the company has broken the law. is a sight to people living in one part of the they have seen all too often kick indoors and ransacked homes in the oakland hills and the burglars got away with thousands of dollars over the electronics and other valuables before they arrived. there been dozens of burglaries' recently nine of them in the past month alone cbs five reporter kristin harris on the unusual way neighbors are teaming up to stop thieves in their tracks. there is a power in committee case and there's a power in been dealt with from a laptop montclair residents still brought harris is monitoring break-ins and burglaries in the oakland hills taking matters into her own hands. neighborhood groups are
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feeling what to do with the need to do to survive. montclair is a jaw who group has exploded into a variable community police blotter a coos to oakland's bold public the burglars. here we have another break- in on somerset's the pictures of the wanted pepper the site this man snaps lurking near home then there is surveillance video like this the suspect approaching in montclair home last week moments before kicking the door in. thanks to the list neighbors knew before police did when a deep skillet car from this elementary school a child who was inside the car jumped out to before that these drove away. police say the communities in paul and his driving a drop in burglaries'. especially the montclair area. and we have to go this success to the community. but the committee can only do so much. there's only one officer assigned to investigate burglaries' in the
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oakland police department and residents say in parliament is giving giving way to teach we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders but nobody wants to live like this. they open up coming police academy will put more officers on the streets without a daytime fifth. cps 5. usenet the bureau by alcohol tobacco and firearms is looking at last week's fire that shut down trans bay bart services was started the red star apartment estimated damage $25 million. it doesn't seem like but it's been more than five months since ross mercury in his wife got into that argument ends two months since he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment tonight the san francisco ethics commission has started its investigation and
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the question really is a should mercury me get his share of job back or is the mayor wants to be gone for good csi reporter julia spirits on what the mayor said today that raises the stakes. to suspend a sheriff's supporters cheered as the anteroom and then it was quickly down to business. we're here to conduct the evidentiary hearing is instituted by the mayor. if schedules ago for three days today lawyers debated about what evidence is admissible in was not. what about the argument that the physical abuse is not being disputed. continue to call the case mayor campaign today their voice
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to strongest words yet to announce our reporter why mercury news to lose his job. as one of the top law- enforcement officials he ought not to live encaged in now with his wife. and as we said and he is simply going to sensationalism and that is what the cases that all about. is sensationalism. and throwing every cancel all to see what sticks. he is expected hist to testify next week and as for mercury news wives is expected to file a sworn statement remotely because she is in the native country of venezuela. in san francisco joliet goodrich's serious 5. housing mubarak is on my
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support that according to a member of the ruling party council is showing no brain activity. mubarak's every stroke and cardiac arrest in prison where he is serving a life sentence for not stopping the killing of protesters, while both presidential candidates in last week's elections are claiming victory. tonight as thousands of their supporters are taking to the streets. the investigation into a huge gold buying operation the dirty tricks to the trade they salmon to rip you off. the harsh way bay area cities are forcing people to pay the trash collection. high-school valedictorian under fire for is graduation speech,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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was forced to choose between his parents and the crowd now he is getting national attention for his graduation speech he told the central valley school that he wanted to deliver the address in both spanish and english and the administrators say there wasn't enough time so he gave a speech in spanish he says a lot of people at the school speak spanish plus he wanted to make sure his parents understood him. he's trying to make a political statement that i just wanted to do my speech in spanish. fox news anchor bill riley criticized him and his school and schools received complaints from all over the country the district says the majority of its students to come from spanish-speaking homes. here is a vice for you pay your trash bill cbs five reporter kiddo tells us what garbage companies are doing now to those people who don't
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whoever is behind a security door hasn't been paying the garbage bill for months and now owes about $85. tivoli's said the loan money? after multiple written notices and offers to work with the customer the city of gilroy is going with a last resort. last night the city council approved a list of 127 lean's epic, little-known practice that garbage collectors using practically every bay area city to collect payment. so is pretty effective then. is. ordinarily with a life is your cellphone ability don't pay up service gets cut not so with courage. city law says that the garbage has to be picked up because it's a health hazard. siestas garbage can will get picked up to the liens are paid
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place some rental properties across gilroy mayor is a limit on himself as one to change this term and are responsible for attendants. for the water telephone by what i am responsible for he/she to not pay their garbage bill. so until then pay up. in gilroy kid does it is five. last month were operating 120 cold by and shows a week in hotels there 5 state undercover investigations revealed writing bad checks. tonight to employees from t h. jared says his reveal the tricks of the trade city is five reporter julie what the story only insidious 5. one morning he
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was a guest on a tv show. the next those checks he wrote bounce is traveling cold fire they didn't tell him the check for bad and tell us the latest and he's not alone. as i still sec i have written checks for two days and is said to you realize that that is fraud? he resigned after discovering she had been writing bad checks they're just two of the many tha and les across country who agreed to reveal what they say a is a culture of deception. many attribute the checks to see no geoffrey parsons it strongly and lifestyle court documents show he of the irs more than $3 million in news corp. accounts to purchase things like luxury homes and even jet planes. when you have on the table here and suez's of the export
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still surprised by the findings of the investigation in which some employees repeatedly lied about the quality of the gold. to says they felt pressure and that they might be surprised by on. you never knew when there would be watching to see says employees were instructed to buy gold less than 10 percent of value to practice confirmed by this back pocket buying guide the incentive pay bonuses. we question spokesman about the practice following our initial investigation the son in his desk promises up to 200,000 yr. the you think that it would encourage them to live or be dishonest? galt you are certainly low balling but not lying. is not illegal said december managers still guilty? i'm sure they do. i was always feeling guilty. especially when the old people came in and they
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had no idea. she says employees were taught to use tactics like what they wanted us to do was loved altogether allowing them to hide the value of individual items something we caught undercover at the show in dallas. many of the items were actually 18 carats worth substantially more. and in spite of that we're not in the business of lying to people he says lange about gold content to certainly condoned it can be plainly marked the kid makes something up and say let's actually kills. i saw your previous segment and that proved that there are still people lying. any says many employees were honest and unaware of what was going on behind the scenes until the check started bouncing. the say that is when he instructed them to immediately shipped back all the gold in spite of laws requiring that a stay in some counties for 30 days. so they're asking me to
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ship it out of state against if you want to put that way then yes the final straw for many. i'm not going to jail for him i'm done doing that man's dirty work. nicholas, there are warrants out for some of the buyers to issue the bad checks and others have filed complaints with the attorney general's office did not respond to requests for comments but according to company e-mail's its move out of its corporate offices in is downsizing to the economy to what cbs five. to this look familiar to you? it's a new exhibit at city hall called san francisco face is all face the warm-up we're,,, parker car
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into the men's seven discuss the average tires around 68 degrees. let's take your doors again because you know we didn't see enough of those cases before. it's in-your-face whether null. right outside city hall that exhibit is going on and it's remarkable what had outside to
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the transamerica building in oakland is not 66 at this hour and we did have a high today at 89 degrees and livermore falling to 55 in the overnight hours numbers across but much in the '50s future cast this is interesting because watch this. nothing is going on the you are looking at a is an offshore flow but this time tomorrow night here comes the stratus quickly fills in and it will deepen because of an area of low pressure north in the bay so they're for after the warm-up for the first day of summer than we dramatically tumble into the '70s but offshore winds would recover the inland areas offshore a very dry wind so therefore the committee is tumbling into the upper teens as many are in the location cities of the beaches for your wednesday official summer riots at 409 in the afternoon 84 in campbell meanwhile 92 degrees in
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morgan hill and gilroy 93 inbred what otherwise to the no. 91 decrees and sonoma preserve france's groupe topping off in the low seventies in the extended forecast calls for a big-time cool down to that keeping marine layer. visit:
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team has ever come back to in the nba finals after falling behind three games to one the brunt plate prayed for his own in into the find it again that he wanted to see him child for a triple double the jumped after a as good as the brown was heat would be a spectator down the stretch after camping up by its mario paid-up the slack _ and over 17. combines he goes for 25 the heat be that under one of ford's 98. the giants and dodgers may have one of baseball's best rivalries the days may have quite a history with l.a. and as bob melvin put
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the dodgers are adjusted team people in northern california don't particularly care for that's a very diplomatic. and linda mccarthy picked put them in 12 days. the key mudslinging with three runs of the first and set smith had a base hit. breeds in the ninth inning now the dodgers the pass the time rent the plate that part of that to james but it's he heads into the game ending double play and picks up and say the air he is a gun when a's beat the dodgers three to nothing. cabrera reach 100 heads faster than anyone in giants history very zito continues auburn pool of the bottom of the fourth angels blow up. a joke gone probably should of had the body doesn't. the three runs score five runs batted in the eagles won 12 to
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five ncaa has now lost three straight starts. in the is one of three players suspended by the nfl for his role in bouncing gait. they're still waiting to see if evidence from the league he was guilty of anything. if anybody wants to go up and ask roger del i'll wait. and nothing else to do today. england's loan back from a suspension is a smarter player now. and number three back-to-back home runs from colby chile ends but when they beat the brewers tonight. members to he umpires. the no. 1 comes from starling castro is this leprous bill? the cubs have had a rough
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season but this guy is a remarkable player. i still think he's only 16 years old but he's only 16 years old but castro makes the catch.,,,,,,,,,
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